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A career woman is a woman that has her prime concern in her career or professional. She is passionate about her job and also renders her services with smile. A career woman prefers to work rather than looking after children and the house. To be a career woman, you need to surround yourself with people that shares same vision with you, accept corrective critics and be willing to learn.

What every career woman must know

  • The secret to productivity is to avoid doings the comfortable things and do the things that matters
  • Keep a grudge and it will keep you back
  • Have a mentor, someone that has achieved more great things
  • Your tomorrow dreams are achieved by today’s action, careers don’t start tomorrow
  • Long-lived success is generated by good habits which can be destroyed by bad excuses

To become a successful career woman, here are some tips to nurture-

  • Passion

 The little things you enjoy doing will be outstanding depending on the drive and zeal used. No matter your skill and hard work without passion, your success will be insignificant.

Also, a person who is happy with what she does always wears a smile which is the foundation for a success.

  • Have confidence in your self

Believe in your abilities and strength. No matter the short comings, self confidence will always motivate to achieve your aim.

  • Take Risk and don’t be afraid of failure-

A woman that wants to go far in life should be ready to take risk. Choose a less travelled path if you want to bring a change in your career. Successful women do not make incautious decision; nevertheless, they take calculated risks after cautious planning and research.

Failure is a stepping stone to success, however, be ready to face few challenges and obstacles in your road to success. The essential thing is being able to get up after each fall, learn from past mistakes and strategize a new plan for the future.

  • Take care of yourself and have vacation-

Take care of yourself physically, mentally and socially. Engage in regular exercise to relieve stress, boost your immune system and increase your energy level.

Most women spend all their time in domestic responsibilities leaving little or no time foe their selves. Take a break, have vacation outside your vicinity and relax. Sometimes living a luxury lifestyle for few days can put in that mindset required for great success.


Women face numerous challenges as they pursue their career, below are the list of some common challenges

  • Gender Bias-

This is one of commonest challenge women face in their work place though some corporate offices are trying to bridge this gap but private are still lacking behind.

Women are denied access from most jobs that requires constant travel. Some companies ask question regarding their marital status because they don’t have accommodation for maternity leave.

  • Sexual Harassment-

Here is another shameful challenge women face in their working environment. Most men have the perception that career women are compromising in nature and that is the foundation of their brutal deeds.

  • Work life imbalance-

The ability to differentiate personal life with professional is a bit hard for women. A woman needs scale of preference as she sets her action list. She needs to draw a line between work and life and also build a strong support system. Proper management of time and effort will enable everything fall in place.

  • Lack of Mentor-

They are fewer women up the ladder and this can be sort of discouragement to some career women. No good adviser or guide on the right track to follow

  • Finances-

Sourcing of finance to support a career or profession can be very challenging to women.


Women have natural abilities and life skills needed for any career or profession. They can multitask, negotiate and easily network.  These strategies can help a woman overcome her challenges

  • Have good mentor
  • Build strong support system/ network
  • Develop/ Initiate new ways to balance your work life
  • Get certified as a woman-owned business

Seek insight from other women how they settled their own challenges and obstacles

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