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hypertension treatment

hypertension treatment

Hypertension also known as high blood pressure is a slow killer with no early indication. It is determined by the amount of blood the hearts pump and the amount of blood flow n the arteries. The more the heart pumps blood into narrower arteries, the higher the pressure.

SYMPTOMS: There are no visible symptoms attached to hypertension. Some people have headache or shortness of breath, but this signs are not specific and they mostly occur when the sickness has reached a life threatening stage.

TYPES OF HYPERTENSION: We have Primary and Secondary Hypertension

Primary hypertension has no identified cause. It tends to grow gradually over the years.

Secondary hypertension appears suddenly and it causes more blood pressure than primary hypertension. Some causes of secondary hypertension include:

  1. Use of illegal drugs like cocaine
  2. Patient with Kidney problems
  3. Some medication like birth control pills, over the counter pain relieves drugs and prescription drugs.
  4. People born with congenital in the blood pressure.

RISK FACTORS:  Here are some risk factor affecting High blood pressure

  1. Use of tobacco and too much alchol consumption
  2. Eating excess salt
  3. Hereditary
  4. Age and gender: Men tend to have high blood pressure more than women
  5. Obesity and not being physically active.
  6. Stress and some chronic disease such as- diabetes, kidney problems etc
  7. Some pregnancies contribute to high blood pressure


Uncontrolled high blood pressure imposes great damage and complication to the system, they include:

  1. Problem with memory and understanding
  2. Heart Failure
  3. Vision loss
  4. Weak kidney
  5. Stroke or heart attack


  1. Engage in regular Exercise
  2. Quit smoking and reduce alchol consumption
  3. Cut down on Sodium intake
  4. Have a healthy diet- Increase your intake on Potassium rich foods
  5. Make use of devices( blood pressure monitor,5 series blood pressure monitor etc) to monitor your blood pressure at home
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