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Sellers Conference & Innovations Expo 2020

Sellers Conference & Innovations Expo 2020

Sellers Conference & Innovations Expo 2020

Dear Sir/Ma,

About the Conference

It is our pleasure to introduce the maiden edition of our Sellers Conference & Innovations Expo 2020 to you.

This event is slated for April 2nd, 2020 at the NECA Auditorium, Alausa Ikeja, Lagos.
This is a 1-day gathering of practicing and aspiring sales professionals conceived for the purpose of sharing knowledge, experience and networking opportunities.

In this edition, we have carefully selected our speakers to address those critical extra layers of skills and competencies beyond the regulars of product, market and customer knowledge.

These skills are usually the distinguishing factor between star and average performers in every organisation.


Speakers Line-up

Here is a list of the speakers we are expecting;

Rita N. Amuchienwa – Channel Sales Director, Schneider Electric and Sustainability Services.
Rita will be motivating the young salespeople, especially the ladies with know how to approach their sales career and attain the zenith in their fields.

She has done it and very willing to show the road to others.

This is one person that has done sales in millions of dollars across countries.


Adora Ikwuemesi – Director, Kendor Consulting Ltd.
Adora will be talking about the changing skill sets that are needed by sales professionals as they move up the ladder in their careers.

Salespeople need not be promoted before learning what to do at the positions.

She has recruited people into various positions and knows what is expected.


Enahoro Okhae – MD, Pause Factory and Founder, Simeon’s Pivot Resources
Enahoro will be preaching the gospel of Emotional Intelligence.

EI has become one of the most portable skills for every 21st century worker.

Salespeople particularly need to learn how to use their emotions to connect with people and get the desired results.


Okey Okere – Country Director/CEO, Hofstede Insights.
Okey will be sharing his expertise and knowledge on how organisations can use culture to drive performance.

He will elucidate on the statement that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’.

He wants to show how a great work culture can create a fertile environment for productivity.


Olugbenga Johnson – CEO, Autusbridge Consulting Ltd.
Gbenga will be speaking on how technology is changing the sales profession and also how organisations and salespeople can leverage on this disruption to optimize their performance.

Salespeople need to accept the reality of mobile CRM and Sales Force Automation to deliver results.


Babatunde Oladele – CRO, The Ready Writers Consult
Tunde is a communication expert of international repute and will be sharing deep insights on how salespeople can pass their messages across to prospects.

He has been teaching communication at the Lagos Business School and will be happy to pass same quality of knowledge to the participants.

He will shed light on the saying “that how a thing is said is more important than what is said”.


Gimba Mohammed – General Manager Sales, MainOne Nigeria.
Gimba is an astute sales professional of many years.

Everyone that has worked with him referred to him as a go-getter.

For about 20 years, he has built his successful sales career working with different organisations such as Cocacola NBC, Globacom and now MainOne Cable.

He is passionate about sales and impacting knowledge of same to people around him.


Olushola Makinde – Group COO, The Chair Centre Group.
Shola lives and breathes sales.

He has been very instrumental to the success of The Chair Centre in his various capacities of leading the sales functions.

Also he was promoted in appreciation of his valuable contribution to the organisation.

His a source of inspiration to others and he like to inspire upcoming salespeople on how to make impact and grow in the career.


Oladapo Akinloye – COO, Emerald Business Services Ltd.
Dapo has strong focus on Performance Management & Continuous Improvement Initiatives for Organizations, Operations and Projects.

He has over two decades multinational progressive career growth, with vast experience across Transactional Operations, Tactical Management and Strategic Business Leadership work.


Tobi Asehinde – CEO, Digital Marketing Skills Institute.
Tobi is a digital marketing consultant and expert trainer with vast hands-on experience and knowledge in working with various clients in different industries in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, The Gambia, United Kingdom, United States and Much More.

He believes that every business must have a digital agenda to support the sales system.

It will be a great time of knowledge sharing, networking and fun for all participants.


Opportunity to Exhibit

There will also be an Exhibition of sales enabling tools from different developers/promoters.

This section of the event will be FREE for the visitors.

A few innovative companies have registered to showcase their innovations.


Conference Fee

We are using this opportunity to request that you nominate delegates from your organisation to attend this conference, and also register to be part of the conference.

The fee per delegate is N25,000.

Certificates will be issued to the participants at the end of the conference.


Please find the link to the event page where intending delegates can register –


You can Register as a Sponsor

We encourage you to take advantage of our sponsorship opportunities that may exclude you from paying for a number of delegates,

that you wish to send to this event.


Call any of the numbers below for immediate interactions.

Regular fee of N25,000 ends March 31st

Warm regards,
Autusbridge Consulting Limited

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