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Ship chandelling services in Nigeria

Ship chandelling services in Nigeria

Ship chandelling services in Nigeria, A ship chandler is a person (or sometimes a group/agency) that deals on supplies of required commodities for a shipping vessel and its crew. A ship chandler supplies all the necessary commodities to a ship when at the port.

The job of ship chandlers is not new but has reached its peak in the last two decades. Nowadays the business of ship chandelling services has become a cardinal aspect of all the ports and shipping industries around the globe.

Today a ship chandler’s role is outstanding, as he/she not only provide essential commodities such as ropes, sail cloths, etc. but also attends to other requirements such as maintenance tools, food supplies, chemical compounds, cleaning equipment, and many other items.

Importance of Ship Chandelling Services in Lagos

Ship Chandlers play a job of high esteem and serve multipurpose in a ship. The following are some importance of Ship Chandelling Services:

Ship chandlers supply all the necessary commodities (like food, oil, lubricants, spare parts, etc.) to the ship prior to their usage.

Ship chandlers are not there to only meet the most essential requirement by the captain or crew, but it must cater all the minute nuances of requirements of the ship and its crew.

ship chandlers do not only help in supplying commodities which are required by the ship and its crew but also help the new buyer in buying ship by providing the buyer with exclusive details of the exact condition of the ship. Thus, save a buyer from experiencing a great loss in buying a damaged ship.
Along with supplying commodities ship chandlers are also expected to provide certain services like repair and maintenance services, cleaning arrangements, etc.

Ship chandlers provide their effective services in both the cases viz. when the ship is anchored at the port and when the ship is on its voyage. More precaution should be taken for the supply in the latter case. During voyages ship may require foodstuff for the rest of the journey, fuel or gasoline for the ship, necessary spare parts or repair services; all these requirements are handled with intensive care by the Ship Chandlers.

As the Ship chandlers have to serve an exclusive purpose on board they become a crucial part of the shipping industry. The requirements of ship chandlers have peaked to higher levels from the very beginning of the shipping industry. The job of ship chandler is of high esteem and reverence.

With the technological advancement in the development of shipping vessels, the requirements of a ship have grown significantly. Thus the responsibility of ship chandlers has also witnessed substantial growth.

Requirements of Good Ship Chandlers
No one other than ship suppliers or marine contractors can be more familiar with shipping requirements, so they can serve as good ship chandlers.

Though the role has transformed, a ship chandler is still one of the most important necessities when one thinks about shipping and naval vessels.

A ship and its crew cannot be assured of quality commodities required in a ship without the services of a ship chandler, In a world of changing thoughts, actions and priorities, a ship chandler’s responsibility and duty, however, has managed to remain very constant and absolutely relevant.

The Ship Chandlers are an integral part of the Shipping Industry and are single entities which serve all the requirement of a shipowner, captain, and crew.


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